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Air War 1941 cheats codes (Air War 1941)

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Cheats to game Air War 1941 (Air War 1941):
Button 1 - Health, Button 2 - Protection, Button 3 - Quick regeneration, Button 4 - Money, Button 5 - Win level!

Description of the game Air War 1941 with cheats:

Air War 1941 with cheats (Air War 1941)
It is very difficult to combat air raids, and fighting against all enemy aircraft is even more difficult. The hero does not seek easy ways and courageously makes a sortie after the flight, multiplying the number of downed opponents. The future of large cities depends on your actions. The enemy bombers are already on the road and if they are not stopped on time, then a major tragedy can happen. Do not hesitate, sit at the helm and head for your first task. The road is long and heavy, but the price is great and one can not retreat a single step. And may you be lucky!