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Miragine War cheats codes (Miragine War)

Cheats to game Miragine War (Miragine War):
A lot of mana and units!

Description of the game Miragine War with cheats:

Miragine War with cheats (Miragine War)
An excellent strategy game, the essence of which is to capture an enemy base that looks like a crystal. A gamer can choose a blue or red faction and fight both against the computer and against a living person. Once every 30 seconds on your base a fighter of the selected class is created, which replenishes the army. In the production of soldiers, a balance must be maintained between infantrymen, cavalrymen and archers. Only the qualitative interaction of all kinds of troops can lead to victory over the enemy. Units of the enemy are on the same screen as yours, so watch how many and what warriors the enemy built.