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Catowar cheats codes (Catowar)

Cheats to game Catowar (Catowar):
Button 1 - Maximum Units, Button 2 - Add Units, Button 3 - Win level!

Description of the game Catowar with cheats:

Catowar with cheats (Catowar)
While the owners of the house are at work, the three living cat they lead a fierce struggle for the place of the main pet. Each of the cats resorts to tricky tricks to injure rivals. Shots from water pistols, insidious throws by donuts, skillfully placed traps, flying straight into the forehead of a paper airplane can cause serious damage to the health of each of the fighters and permanently dislodge. Use columns and obstacles to protect and do not be afraid to fly in a balloon, getting to the bonuses, which can only be taken from the air.