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Stick War 2: Legacy cheats codes (Stick War 2: Legacy)

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Cheats to game Stick War 2: Legacy (Stick War 2: Legacy):
When you buy money is added.

Description of the game Stick War 2: Legacy with cheats:

Stick War 2: Legacy with cheats (Stick War 2: Legacy)
Conquered, but unbroken Death Mages, Smyrtans, Swordsmen and Archidons secretly came to an agreement by organizing an alliance against the kingdom of Order, to which they belong after the last war. New types of weapons can play a decisive role in the alignment of forces. Build a powerful army and preserve the unity of the state, so hard survived the recent battles. Only the ability to lead will lead the kingdom of Order to success and help preserve its territories in the former borders. The number of insurgents is huge, but the chances of victory are still great.