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Bob the Robber cheats codes (Bob the Robber)

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Cheats to game Bob the Robber (Bob the Robber):
All levels are unlocked!

Description of the game Bob the Robber with cheats:

Bob the Robber with cheats (Bob the Robber)
Outwardly inconspicuous fellow named Bob secretly from others for many years honed the skill of hacking and silent walking. Previously, the thieves had no reason to show their skills, but now in the city appeared corrupt politicians, brazenly stealing the property of the people. Bob does not slumber and penetrates into the darkest corners of their homes. It takes a lot of skill and caution to clean the safe and stay unnoticed. Our hero is like Roben Hood, because he gives most of his booty to the needy. Inspect every corner, because the treasure can be hidden anywhere.