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Go Go Goblin 2 cheats codes (Go Go Goblin 2)

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Cheats to game Go Go Goblin 2 (Go Go Goblin 2):
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Description of the game Go Go Goblin 2 with cheats:

Go Go Goblin 2 with cheats (Go Go Goblin 2)
The goal of the game is to help the goblin to reach the fortress walls. For this, the character chooses not the easiest way and decides to launch himself from the catapult to the defensive fortifications. Naturally, it does not turn out very soon. Collect coins in flight and improve the catapult, buy some semblance of wings, cling to rockets, in general, do everything to ensure that a small green creature has reached its goal. Correctly choose a path so that the goblin does not accidentally fall directly onto sharpened spikes.