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Go Go Goblin cheats codes (Go Go Goblin)

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Cheats to game Go Go Goblin (Go Go Goblin):
When you buy money is added.

Description of the game Go Go Goblin with cheats:

Go Go Goblin with cheats (Go Go Goblin)
Chests of the kingdom are full of treasures and two old friends decide to take possession of some of them. It's a huge ogre and a little goblin who came up with a clever plan. So, according to the idea ogre must run the goblin in flight from his back, so that he in the air could overcome all obstacles and get to the treasured jewelry. At the beginning of the game the character flies just a few tens of meters, bumping into sharp spikes or snapping into a flat cake. Do not despair, every unsuccessful attempt gives an experience that can be spent on improving the flying characteristics of a goblin.