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Barons Gate 2 cheats codes (Barons Gate 2)

Cheats to game Barons Gate 2 (Barons Gate 2):
Button 4 - Increase health, Button 5 - Add coins (up to 1000 at a time)

Description of the game Barons Gate 2 with cheats:

Barons Gate 2 with cheats (Barons Gate 2)
Excellent game in the genre of fantasy, telling the story that the evil dragon suddenly kidnapped the charming princess. In fact, the magician played the role of dragon, who applied the appropriate spell. Mighty magician, confident in its invulnerability, imprisoned the kidnapped girl in the tower and quietly resting on her laurels. You have to make your way through the sorceress-infested magician forest and mountains and with the help of a bow to clear your way to the tower in which the princess is imprisoned. The evil wizard somehow discovered your presence and with all his might tries to destroy the brave warrior and prevent him from passing through the gate of the castle-prison.