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Intrusion cheats codes (Intrusion)

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Cheats to game Intrusion (Intrusion):
Button 1 - Unlock levels, Button 2-Unlock Waypoints, Button 3 - Ammunition, Button 4 - Health, Button 5 - Score, Button 6 - Lives, Button 7 - Money!

Description of the game Intrusion with cheats:

Intrusion with cheats (Intrusion)
Terrorists penetrated the territory of the state and scrupulously prepare new crimes. To prevent a sad consequence, the military command decides to send the hero to the rear of the enemy. Silently move around the locations, taking unawares unprepared bad guys. From time to time you will have to fight with robots, victory over which brings bonuses, suitable for the purchase of additional weapons and armor. Destroy the world threat and justify the expectations of the military leadership. National security is paramount and only you can keep a wobbly world.