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Galaxy Siege 3 cheats codes (Galaxy Siege 3)

Cheats to game Galaxy Siege 3 (Galaxy Siege 3):
Button 1 - Add health, Button 2 - Add fuel, Button 3 - Crystals, Button 4 - Energy!

Description of the game Galaxy Siege 3 with cheats:

Galaxy Siege 3 with cheats (Galaxy Siege 3)
The resources of the native galaxy were depleted, and the overpopulated planet demanded the discovery of new lands for colonization. Explore the space goes a poor pilot on an old ship and immediately stumbles upon a huge number of enemies and obstacles. Only the bold and decisive actions of the player will help the space ship to overcome all obstacles and capture new worlds. Destroying the enemy, you get additional coins, which you need to spend on the purchase of additional equipment. Improve the fuel compartment, acquire powerful weapons and do not forget to equip several rooms for loot.