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Gunball Reloaded cheats codes (Gunball Reloaded)

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Cheats to game Gunball Reloaded (Gunball Reloaded):
Button 4 - Hilki, Button 5 - Energy, Button 5 - Special, Button 7 - Money (up to 5000 at a time), Button 8 - Points, Button 9 - Exp!

Description of the game Gunball Reloaded with cheats:

Gunball Reloaded with cheats (Gunball Reloaded)
Today you have to manage a somewhat unusual fighter. As a machine for the destruction of enemy units is an aggressive ball, equipped with a gun. Do maneuvers, avoid shots of enemy balls, collect bonuses and improve your own weapons. Prove to the game world that gunball and alone can cope with whole armies. In the minds of the enemies there will be a reboot before they realize with what serious rival they encountered this time. Destroy everything that moves, because in this fight only one will survive.