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War Heroes: France 1944 cheats codes (War Heroes: France 1944)

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Cheats to game War Heroes: France 1944 (War Heroes: France 1944):
Infinite health and ammo!

Description of the game War Heroes: France 1944 with cheats:

War Heroes: France 1944 with cheats (War Heroes: France 1944)
France in 1944 still suffered from the domination of the occupation forces. Despite the fact that the spirit of victory has already been in the air, and the landing in Normandy is to occur in the next few days, on French soil continued from hunger and deprivation. Do bold operations in the occupied cities and become a real war hero. When you pass, you can choose a campaign mode, free game or an interesting zombie mode. Thoroughly think through each step and methodically destroy opponents. A bright future is near, but one must still live to see it.