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Strike Force Heroes 2 cheats codes (Strike Force Heroes 2)

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Cheats to game Strike Force Heroes 2 (Strike Force Heroes 2):
Button 1 - Unlock all calls and companies, Button 2 - Unlock all soldiers, Button 3 - Endless money!

Description of the game Strike Force Heroes 2 with cheats:

Strike Force Heroes 2 with cheats (Strike Force Heroes 2)
Traveling through the expanses of the Universe, your spaceship suddenly locates an unidentified orbital station. Explore the object is sent to the shock unit, designed to gather as much information about the beings who built the station. When it came to an end, a powerful explosion occurred and outright hordes of strangers appeared coming from under the ground, trying to destroy our heroes. The battle will be bloody, but you need to survive in it at any cost. Do not look back at partners and single-handedly make your way through the ranks of the enemy. Kill the enemies, get coins and improve your own weapons.