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Giants and Dwarves TD cheats codes (Giants and Dwarves TD)

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Cheats to game Giants and Dwarves TD (Giants and Dwarves TD):
When you buy money is added.

Description of the game Giants and Dwarves TD with cheats:

Giants and Dwarves TD with cheats (Giants and Dwarves TD)
Peaceful and hardworking people of the dwarves are trying to withstand the heavy siege of their fortress. Attackers are barbarians and huge golems, sweeping away everything in their path. It seems that the giants do not notice the defenders. Defenders of the castle develop a plan for the deployment of troops and try to repel the enemy's attacks. To successfully complete the game, you must demonstrate the wonders of reaction and intuition. Build in the hottest areas of the defensive towers of different levels and wait for the dawn, carrying the victory.