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Wrath Of Zombies cheats codes (Wrath Of Zombies)

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Cheats to game Wrath Of Zombies (Wrath Of Zombies):
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Description of the game Wrath Of Zombies with cheats:

Wrath Of Zombies with cheats (Wrath Of Zombies)
Zombies attacked a peaceful city and enslaved one of the local police. You have to temporarily become this guardian of order and try to fight back against evil and avoid their anger. Primitive armament at the beginning of the passage includes only a weak pistol, but he also successfully copes with the process of destroying stray corpses with skillful handling. Each level is limited to one day, during which you have to destroy a certain number of zombies. After passing through the location, the player automatically enters the store, where he can spend coins collected from evil to buy new weapons and equipment.