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Aqua Jelly Puzzle cheats codes (Aqua Jelly Puzzle)

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Cheats to game Aqua Jelly Puzzle (Aqua Jelly Puzzle):
All levels are unlocked!

Description of the game Aqua Jelly Puzzle with cheats:

Aqua Jelly Puzzle with cheats (Aqua Jelly Puzzle)
In this puzzle you have to move into the body of an orange piece of jelly. The character does not have limbs and can move through the levels, only rolling from one side to the other. Help the unfortunate hero to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal, removing the suddenly appearing obstacles before him. Try to get to the orange strip at the bottom of the screen, protecting the defenseless water jelly from all dangers. When passing, you need to show remarkable intellect, solving yet another difficult task of rearrangement of barriers in a safe place for jelly.