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Uphill Rush 6 cheats codes (Uphill Rush 6)

Cheats to game Uphill Rush 6 (Uphill Rush 6):
Button 1 - Increase nitro, Button 2 - Increase health, Button 3 - Win level, Button 4 - Money!

Description of the game Uphill Rush 6 with cheats:

Uphill Rush 6 with cheats (Uphill Rush 6)
Now the famous game of overcoming obstacles has become even more versatile. In the menu of choosing a character, it became possible to play not only a guy, but also a girl. At the initial stage of the huge selection of transport to the player only a weak bike, water circle and banana are available. Do not forget to set the difficulty level, but remember that the races will bring a solid cash prize only at the maximum settings. A trip to the hills is accompanied by dizzying tricks and thoughtful climbs and descents. Keep track of time on the road and use as few attempts as possible.