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Loot Heroes - Clicker cheats codes (Loot Heroes - Clicker)

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Cheats to game Loot Heroes - Clicker (Loot Heroes - Clicker):
Button 1 - Enlarge HP, Button 2 - Kill enemies, Button 3 - Money (up to 5000 at a time)!

Description of the game Loot Heroes - Clicker with cheats:

Loot Heroes - Clicker with cheats (Loot Heroes - Clicker)
An excellent clicker, in which the player has to stand at the head of a detachment of desperate adventurers. Go to the treasure hunt, explore the huge locations and do not forget to crush the enemies in passing. Bold robbers are excellent in the team, so in advance, think through the tactics and use the strengths of each of the units. At the end of each level of heroes will be waiting for a powerful boss who will bring a lot of trouble on the way to victory. Be prepared for desperate battles, because gold will not get to anyone just like that.