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Grand Prix Go 2 cheats codes (Grand Prix Go 2)

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Cheats to game Grand Prix Go 2 (Grand Prix Go 2):
All levels are unlocked and a lot of money!

Description of the game Grand Prix Go 2 with cheats:

Grand Prix Go 2 with cheats (Grand Prix Go 2)
The second part is a great game in the genre of racing. Bright little cars fiercely fight for the place of the leader on treacherous routes. On the path of the players there are sharp turns, strong rivals and unpredictable endings of races. Win at most stages of the cup to win the grand prix. Given the poor equipment of entry-level cars, the way forward will be complex and thorny. Do not despair, along with the prize places to you will come and money that you can spend on buying improvements for the car. Keep competitors during the race in sight, otherwise they will be able to wrest from you the coveted prize.