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Thing Thing 4 cheats codes (Thing Thing 4)

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Cheats to game Thing Thing 4 (Thing Thing 4):
Infinite health and ammo!

Description of the game Thing Thing 4 with cheats:

Thing Thing 4 with cheats (Thing Thing 4)
The corporation that carries out the crimes created robots that should serve its bloody purposes. According to the plan, the artificial mind is obliged to obey unquestioningly, but in any system there are failures. The big head of the robot invented a plan, which was to leave the territory of the corporation through the labyrinths of locations. During the passage, your hero will be confronted by hundreds of bloodthirsty enemies, and the only way to get to the goal is the speed of decision-making and control over everything that is happening in the location. Even one fighter can do the job, if it's true on his side. Find the way out of the underworld and walk along the ridges of defeated enemies.