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Thing Thing Arena 2 cheats codes (Thing Thing Arena 2)

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Cheats to game Thing Thing Arena 2 (Thing Thing Arena 2):
Infinite health and ammo!

Description of the game Thing Thing Arena 2 with cheats:

Thing Thing Arena 2 with cheats (Thing Thing Arena 2)
Before you, a great flash shooter, in which the player will participate in the bloody battles in the arena. Here you will not find treasure hunting and quests. The game was created specifically for those who want to arrange a real meat grinder with puddles of blood and scattered in the locations of parts of bodies. Do your job and clear out the locations from enemies. Chance to survive a little, but the skillful tactics of fighting and lightning-fast reaction will help to remain in the ranks for as long as possible. Shoot everything that moves, and what does not move - move and shoot. There are no frames here - just be the best.