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Deterministic Dungeon cheats codes (Deterministic Dungeon)

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Cheats to game Deterministic Dungeon (Deterministic Dungeon):
Button 1 - Hilk, Button 2 - XP, Button 3 - Add strength, Button 4 - Add lives, Button 5 - Add ammunition!

Description of the game Deterministic Dungeon with cheats:

Deterministic Dungeon with cheats (Deterministic Dungeon)

One of the best game of sleight of hand and quick reaction brings the hero into the dungeon, where he has to fight with the most diverse inhabitants of cloaca. There is not a rich arsenal of weapons, but success depends on the timely pressing of the red button. Clean the level behind level and become a storm of the underworld. The action of the game takes the gamer to The Middle Ages, and dilapidated damp walls puff up with anger and danger. The way will master the most courageous, but there is no turning back. Take Action!