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Jim Loves Mary 2 cheats codes (Jim Loves Mary 2)

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Cheats to game Jim Loves Mary 2 (Jim Loves Mary 2):
All levels are unlocked!

Description of the game Jim Loves Mary 2 with cheats:

Jim Loves Mary 2 with cheats (Jim Loves Mary 2)
The first part of the game told about the relationship between Jim and Mary, the development of which was impeded in every possible way by the lady's relatives. All obstacles have been overcome, and the couple decides to flee to the forest to Jim's uncle. Forest thickets are full of dangers, trapping travelers at every turn. Dodge the thorns, fight with the wasps, outwit the wolf and the path to the sweet house where love reigns will be revealed. Prove that romance is still warm in your soul, and do not let lovers sginut in a hostile gaming world.