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Reach the Core cheats codes (Reach the Core)

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Cheats to game Reach the Core (Reach the Core):
Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Increase energy, Button 3 - Turn on Turbo, Button 4 - Money, Button 5 - Plasma, Button 6 - Gems!

Description of the game Reach the Core with cheats:

Reach the Core with cheats (Reach the Core)
Technological progress has completely depleted the reserves of resources on the planet. To continue construction work, the player must go to a strange world and try to get to the core with the help of a drilling rig. The main difficulty is that the device for power is comparable to a jackhammer, so the resources will need to break through long and painstakingly. Earn points, perfect the drill and get the maximum amount of valuable materials.