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House of Wolves cheats codes (House of Wolves)

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Cheats to game House of Wolves (House of Wolves):
Button 1 - Increase Health, Button 2 - Enlarge Structure, Button 3 - Tree, Button 4 - Stones, Button 5 - Iron, Button 6 - Gold, Button 7 - Food, Button 8 - Population, Button 9 - Kill Enemies!

Description of the game House of Wolves with cheats:

House of Wolves with cheats (House of Wolves)
The ancient Wolves family is ambitious and claims to significantly expand its own territories. Rise at the head of the army of harsh northern people and set off to conquer the western lands. Capturing new territories, we must not forget about the construction of fortresses and outposts that will provide the army with food and become a temporary refuge in the event of an enemy attack. The game of thrones begins, so you can not hesitate. The fate of the kingdom is in the hands of the most courageous fighters.