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Endless money

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Billy the Pilot with cheats (Billy the Pilot)
Billy is a boy who always dreamed of becoming a pilot. Previously, his father often read to him before going to bed horror stories about evil monsters that appear on the full moon. Billy was always afraid of such stories and he had an idea, somehow get rid of the moon. He believed that if there was no full moon, then there would be no monsters. And one day, Billy decides to make himself a plane from a cardboard box to fly up high in the sky and even go into space. But each of us knows that it's not so easy to get to the moon, and even more so on a cardboard airplane. Billy decides to improve his flying machine so that his capabilities allow each time to rise higher and higher in the sky. Each trial takeoff brings points that you can spend on a huge selection of improvements. There are take-off platforms, fuel, turbines and much more. Billy the Pilot - this is a fascinating story about a boy who decides to fly to the moon. Will he be able to implement his plan?[/spoiler]