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Rally Stage (Rally Stage) with cheats

Rally Stage

Button 1 - Turbo, Button 2 - Time, Button 3 - Money, Button 4 - Win level!

Police Pursuit 3D (Police Pursuit 3D) with cheats

Police Pursuit 3D

Button 3 - Nitro, Button 4 - Points, Button 5 - Time, Button 6 - Win level!

Xonix 3D: Level Pack (Xonix 3D: Level Pack) with cheats

Xonix 3D: Level Pack

Immortality and all levels are unlocked!

XenoSquad (XenoSquad) with cheats


When you buy money is added.

Sniper Team 2 (Sniper Team 2) with cheats

Sniper Team 2

Infinite ammunition!

Assault Zone (Assault Zone) with cheats

Assault Zone

Button 1 Activate health, Button 2 Activate ammunition!

Doom Triple Pack (Doom Triple Pack) with cheats

Doom Triple Pack

Coming soon!

Ace Trucker (Ace Trucker) with cheats

Ace Trucker

All levels are unlocked!

Rickshaw City (Rickshaw City) with cheats

Rickshaw City

Coming soon!

Speed Play World Soccer 4 (Speed Play World Soccer 4) with cheats

Speed Play World Soccer 4

Coming soon!


3D games use more modern graphics. Here you can fully immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality three-dimensional picture looks pretty good. Such 3D technology can be found in many modern toys. In addition, the plot and the process itself become more exciting when the controlled character can move to different directions and directions.


Types of three-dimensional games can be different, from racing series to shooters. In order to be able to pass any of these games, even at a high level of complexity you can use cheats. They have special codes that can improve the characteristics of the character.