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The Binding of Isaac cheats codes (The Binding of Isaac)

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Cheats to game The Binding of Isaac (The Binding of Isaac):
Button 1 - Increase health, Button 2 - Сoins, Button 3 - Bombs, Button 4 - Keys, Button 5 - Ammunition!

Description of the game The Binding of Isaac with cheats:

The Binding of Isaac with cheats (The Binding of Isaac)
The main enemy of the humble Isaac is his own mother, who is going to perform a sacrifice with him. Isaac does not agree to such a fate and secretly from a bloodthirsty ancestor flees to the basement. Traveling through the underground labyrinth, the hero meets dead pets, buried brothers and sisters and finally, the same mother. The only thing that can help a poor kid is repentance and tears. Faith in God is capable of much, including in the search for a path to freedom.