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Castle Knight cheats codes (Castle Knight)

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Cheats to game Castle Knight (Castle Knight):
Button 1 - Increase the life of the castle, Button 2 - Increase the health of the player, Button 3 - Endurance of the horse, Button 4 - Random reinforcement, Button 5 - Gold, Button 6 - Kill monsters, Button 7 - Win level!

Description of the game Castle Knight with cheats:

Castle Knight with cheats (Castle Knight)
The player has to wear a knight's armor and conquer the world with military exploits. To win the girl's position, become the head of the garrison of her castle and methodically beat off the attacks of strange monsters. To save the fortress of a lover only a gamer with good reaction and strategic abilities will be able to. Follow your heart, do not know mercy in the battle with the enemy and remain a gallant cavalier, even after a hard, many-hour battle.