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Earth Taken 3 cheats codes (Earth Taken 3)

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Cheats to game Earth Taken 3 (Earth Taken 3):
Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - Activate radiation, Button 3 - Activate ammunition, Button 4 - Activate gas masks, Button 5 - Food, Button 6 - Unlock all weapons, Button 7 - Kill with one shot!

Description of the game Earth Taken 3 with cheats:

Earth Taken 3 with cheats (Earth Taken 3)
One quick and smashing blow, the aliens managed to capture the entire population of the planet. As a result of the release of toxic substances, more than half of the world's population died, and the rest were placed in special cells that allow aliens to conduct experiments on people. The enemies expected that a powerful sleeping pill would immobilize the guinea pig, but one hero was nevertheless immune to the substance and managed to get out. He tries in every possible way to find a way out of the situation and return his former life to the seized land.