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Zombudoy 3 cheats codes (Zombudoy 3)

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Cheats to game Zombudoy 3 (Zombudoy 3):
Button Z - Activate treasure, Button X - Activate ammunition, Button C - Win level, Button V - Money!

Description of the game Zombudoy 3 with cheats:

Zombudoy 3 with cheats (Zombudoy 3)
Going on a journey through the sea, the hero was well prepared for a meeting with pirates. However, the character did not take into account that his character will be attacked by the living dead. Organize the ship's defense and try to keep the enemy in the distance. At the initial stages of the game in your arsenal will be a primitive weapon, but as the number of defeated enemies increases, the game will turn into a crazy meat grinder with grenade explosions and the whistling of bullets.