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Crystal Story 2 cheats codes (Crystal Story 2)

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Cheats to game Crystal Story 2 (Crystal Story 2):
Button 5 - Activate HP, Button 6 - Activate MP, Button 7 - Gold, Button 8 - SP,

Description of the game Crystal Story 2 with cheats:

Crystal Story 2 with cheats (Crystal Story 2)
Evil does not slumber, which once again proved a dark magician named Rita, who wanted to enslave the world. For many years the witch was preparing for an invasion and was creating her own army of zombies, dragons and other terrible monsters. Rita learned about the most powerful crystal, the possession of which made her virtually invulnerable, and even managed to kidnap him. To fight evil comes a young hero who stole the crystal from the witch and with all his might tries to protect him from the hordes of the enemy.