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Mars Colonies cheats codes (Mars Colonies)

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Cheats to game Mars Colonies (Mars Colonies):
Button 1 - Explore items, Button 2 - Destroy the selected building, Button 3 - Add a selected building, Button 4 - Add resources!

Description of the game Mars Colonies with cheats:

Mars Colonies with cheats (Mars Colonies)
Beginning the passage of this game, many gamers in the brain pop up the image of the good old Starcraft. Your superiors decided to land on Mars and create a colony in the absence of an atmosphere. It was much more difficult to complete the task than it seemed at first glance. You, as the leader of a new settlement, will have to collect scant grains of resources in all corners of the locations. Immerse yourself in the extreme conditions of a hostile world and try to survive as long as possible.