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Stitchland Conflict cheats codes (Stitchland Conflict)

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Cheats to game Stitchland Conflict (Stitchland Conflict):
When you buy money is added.

Description of the game Stitchland Conflict with cheats:

Stitchland Conflict with cheats (Stitchland Conflict)
The fighting in Sticklend long ago went beyond the confines of a local conflict. Most defenders fell in battle, and only one brave soldier remained on the front line. It's in his skin that you have to get into. Destroy everything that gets on the horizon, along the way trying to remain unscathed. Enemies are advancing in all directions, so you will have to sweat a lot to protect the entrusted object. Become a legend on the battlefield and get out of the bloody meat mincer alive.