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Royal Warfare 2 cheats codes (Royal Warfare 2)

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Cheats to game Royal Warfare 2 (Royal Warfare 2):
Button 1 - Activate Health, Button 2 - Activate Health Device, Button 3 - Gold, Button 4 - Experience, Button 5 - Activate one hit, Button 6 - Activate Improved Units!

Description of the game Royal Warfare 2 with cheats:

Royal Warfare 2 with cheats (Royal Warfare 2)
The dead, defeated in the first part of the saga, returned again to destroy the kingdom. As luck would have it, there is practically no money in the state treasury, and all the free wars are burned by the remnants of the fortune in the taverns. Lead a small unit and carry out missions, the level of complexity of which increases as you progress through. After receiving a fee for the successful solution of the problem, hire new units and turn your combat unit into a battle-worthy army.