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Flash's Bounty cheats codes (Flash's Bounty)

Cheats to game Flash's Bounty (Flash's Bounty):
Button 1 - Money, Button 2 - Scrolls, Button 3 - Activate magic, Button 4 - key, Button 5 - Win!

Description of the game Flash's Bounty with cheats:

Flash's Bounty with cheats (Flash's Bounty)
Go to the territory of the distant kingdom of Liberon and become one of the knights who execute the orders of King Maximus. This time the ruler instructs his subjects to find a powerful artifact of the Sword of the Unicorn. Go on the path on the right horse, wear the best armor and get ready for adventure. The developers have prepared tests in the form of complex tasks and dozens of enemy species. Restore the picture of what is happening in pieces and Maximus's reward will not take long.