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Sushi Cat-a-pult cheats codes (Sushi Cat-a-pult)

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Cheats to game Sushi Cat-a-pult (Sushi Cat-a-pult):
When you buy money is added.

Description of the game Sushi Cat-a-pult with cheats:

Sushi Cat-a-pult with cheats (Sushi Cat-a-pult)
In the real world, sushi is one of the most popular delicacies. Before the unique taste of Japanese cuisine, the cute kitty could not resist, which is ready to shred the expanses of the universe in search of coveted rolls. The heroine travels through the worlds in the hope of finding the perfect kind of sushi. Do not let the character's dream collapse and try to overcome all the obstacles along the difficult and thorny path with the cat.