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Awesome Run 2 cheats codes (Awesome Run 2)

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Cheats to game Awesome Run 2 (Awesome Run 2):
Button 1 - Activate energy drinks, Button 2 - Activate boost, Button 3 - Activate endurance, Button 4 - Points, Button 5 - Money!

Description of the game Awesome Run 2 with cheats:

Awesome Run 2 with cheats (Awesome Run 2)
Become the king of the stadium and set off to conquer the best race competition on the planet. Green-skinned boy Vaki has long been known as one of the fastest athletes, but the constant depression did not allow him to fully exercise. Skilled coach managed to return the runner confidence in himself and put it on international competitions. In addition to running directly, the player has to overcome obstacles and fight with rivals who can be intimidated by an existing baton.