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Sword & Spoon cheats codes (Sword & Spoon)

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Cheats to game Sword & Spoon (Sword & Spoon):
Button 5 - Activate HP, Button 6 - Activate HP lock, Button 7 - Kill enemies, Button 8 - Activate cooldown, Button 9 - Gold!

Description of the game Sword & Spoon with cheats:

Sword & Spoon with cheats (Sword & Spoon)
The army of orcs and goblins stands at the gate of the castle. In order for your army to fight productively, it needs to eat normally. While the soldiers keep the defense, cooks work in the kitchen. Build a strategy for defensive actions and at the same time care about expanding the list of prepared dishes. The hardness of the hand with the sword in many ways depends on the spoon with delicious food. Expand the barracks to increase the number of soldiers and build a canteen in which you can feed all this huge number of people.