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Mr. Vengeance - Act 2 cheats codes (Mr. Vengeance - Act 2)

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Cheats to game Mr. Vengeance - Act 2 (Mr. Vengeance - Act 2):
Endless health!

Description of the game Mr. Vengeance - Act 2 with cheats:

Mr. Vengeance - Act 2 with cheats (Mr. Vengeance - Act 2)
The external prosperity of this prosperous world hides the dark side of being. With the onset of darkness, hired killers come out on the field to kill any victim that has been sacrificed for money. Your task is to root out this tangle of evil and, in return, take revenge for the murdered family. The criminal world is complicated and confusing, but methodically destroying enemies one after another, you will still reach the mafia top.