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Learn to Fly 2 cheats codes (Learn to Fly 2)

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Cheats to game Learn to Fly 2 (Learn to Fly 2):
Button 1 - Money, Button 2 - Bonuses, Button 3 - Fuel, Button 4 - Rockets!

Description of the game Learn to Fly 2 with cheats:

Learn to Fly 2 with cheats (Learn to Fly 2)
After enough successful experiments with flights in the first part, the penguin returns to his native penates in the hope of starting normal life. But the craving for adventure pulls our hero into the unknown distance, and he decides again to try to take off. On the way the penguin suddenly appears a huge iceberg. All the thoughts of the character now only about how to fly the ice barrier. Experiment, try to take off and after a hundredth unsuccessful mistake, you all necessarily will.