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Alone - Zombiewoods cheats codes (Alone - Zombiewoods)

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Cheats to game Alone - Zombiewoods (Alone - Zombiewoods):
Button 5 - Activate Health, Button 2 - Zoom lvl, Button 7 - Stars, Button 8 - XP. Button 9 - Points!

Description of the game Alone - Zombiewoods with cheats:

Alone - Zombiewoods with cheats (Alone - Zombiewoods)
Alcohol never leads to good. Positive guy Vail pretty much typed beer and decided to sit behind the wheel. Unexpectedly for himself, he finds himself in a mysterious forest and knocks down a passing zombie to death. The further path is impossible, and the road back is sealed forever. Try to survive in this hostile forest. Build a house and equip the way of life, along the way, erecting defensive fortifications that will help keep the defense after the arrival of uninvited guests.