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Dangerous Adventure 2 cheats codes (Dangerous Adventure 2)

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Cheats to game Dangerous Adventure 2 (Dangerous Adventure 2):
Button 1 - Activate health, Button 2 - for turns, Button 3 - for experience, Button 4 for gold, Button 5 - Colors, Button 6 - Win level!

Description of the game Dangerous Adventure 2 with cheats:

Dangerous Adventure 2 with cheats (Dangerous Adventure 2)
In search of adventure, tired legs led the hero to a remote tavern on the outskirts of the kingdom. It is in this place that all adventurers gather, who are looking for a way to earn money. Local residents give one task after another. The player will solve puzzles, collect crystals with mana, damage the enemies on the playing field, look for valuable artifacts, armor and weapons. In general, to do everything so that life does not seem so boring for a thirsty adventure of the soul.