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Pest Hunter 2 cheats codes (Pest Hunter 2)

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Cheats to game Pest Hunter 2 (Pest Hunter 2):
Button 1 - Activate immortality, Button 2 - Money, Button 3 - Stars, Button 4 - Kill enemies, Button 5 - Random weapons!

Description of the game Pest Hunter 2 with cheats:

Pest Hunter 2 with cheats (Pest Hunter 2)
Each night, a peacefully sleeping city is attacked by an invasion of parasites coming out of their underground shelter. The hero is to descend into the very den of the enemy and shoot a swarming mass of parasites from two pistols. Carefully aim and consider that the character is hanging on a swinging rope. For the liquidation of each enemy you are awarded bonus points, which can be spent on the purchase of more sophisticated weapons.