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Pinata Hunter 3 cheats codes (Pinata Hunter 3)

Cheats to game Pinata Hunter 3 (Pinata Hunter 3):
Button 1 - Activate the immortality of the pinate, Button 2 - Money!

Description of the game Pinata Hunter 3 with cheats:

Pinata Hunter 3 with cheats (Pinata Hunter 3)
Once again walking along the edge of the enchanted forest, you find a lonely hanging pinata. The duty baton is always with you, so do not hesitate and start furiously kicking out sweets from a hanging toy. The collected sweets can be exchanged for coins. Money is spent in the store for the purchase of more powerful weapons and roomy bags. Become a world-famous hunter for pinatas, knocking out a record number of chocolates from the ponies.