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Pirateers 2 cheats codes (Pirateers 2)

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Cheats to game Pirateers 2 (Pirateers 2):
Button 4 - Activate HP, Button 5 - Activate ammunition, Button 6 - Activate weapon, Button 7 - Gold, Button 8 - Time, Button 9 - Win level, Button 0 - Cancel all quests!

Description of the game Pirateers 2 with cheats:

Pirateers 2 with cheats (Pirateers 2)
The dream of becoming a pirate flickered in the hearts of every boy who grew up in the vicinity of the Caribbean Sea. Growing up, our hero collects all the money and acquires a fragile boat, where he goes to conquer the world. The first profit does not promise big profits, but at this stage of your career, you should not give up even minimal additional funds. Having accumulated a sufficient amount, the character buys a real ship and hires a qualified crew.