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Lost Outpost - Stranded cheats codes (Lost Outpost - Stranded)

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Cheats to game Lost Outpost - Stranded (Lost Outpost - Stranded):
Button 1 - Immortality, Button 2 - Lives, Button 3 - Ammunition, Button 4 - Oxygen, Button 5 - Keys, Button 6 - Money, Button 7 - XP!

Description of the game Lost Outpost - Stranded with cheats:

Lost Outpost - Stranded with cheats (Lost Outpost - Stranded)
The secret mission that your squad carried out on a distant planet was failed. You are the only survivor of the whole detachment and try to return to your native world in every possible way. Try to get out of the labyrinth of corridors, along the way collecting access cards and discovering new types of weapons. On the way there will be hundreds of enemies, so spend your ammunition prudently.