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Vault of Xenos cheats codes (Vault of Xenos)

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Cheats to game Vault of Xenos (Vault of Xenos):
Button 4 - Lives, Button 5 - Health units, Button 6 - Skill, Button 7 - Kill enemies, Button 8 - Points, Button 0 - Keys!

Description of the game Vault of Xenos with cheats:

Vault of Xenos with cheats (Vault of Xenos)
The Order of Xenos for many centuries fought against the inhabitants of the other world in the hope of expelling the evil that oozes from the planet. This time you have to become a fighter of this association of mighty warriors and go to the crypt in the hope of destroying the main scoundrel who is multiplying the army of living dead. Destroy opponents of all kinds and types to finally break into the lair of the main boss.