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Cactus Hunter cheats codes (Cactus Hunter)

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Cheats to game Cactus Hunter (Cactus Hunter):
All levels are unlocked, endless shots, the ball bounces 50 times

Description of the game Cactus Hunter with cheats:

Cactus Hunter with cheats (Cactus Hunter)
Cactus Hunter - game about a man with strange behavior. He catches animals, makes them stuffed and decorates their house with them. The protagonist of the game is Cactus, and he is a hunter who can not only hit with his needles, but in his arsenal there is a gun. Some time ago, in the desert where the cactus lived, a soldier was lost. And then one day, he found his weapon and left it to him. [Spoiler] He missed his desert and went on a real journey, and got to the jungle. Having learned how to shoot a gun, Cactus decides to open a hunt for animals. He charges his weapons not with cartridges, but with shady balls that bounce off obstacles. Consider this moment during the hunt, since direct hit in animals is almost impossible and you need to select the angle of flight of the shadow ball, not forgetting that the number of charges is limited.[/spoiler]