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Water Buboy cheats codes (Water Buboy)

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Cheats to game Water Buboy (Water Buboy):
Press 1 to jump to the next level

Description of the game Water Buboy with cheats:

Water Buboy with cheats (Water Buboy)
Sometimes, people build houses right next to volcanoes. But this is quite dangerous and there can be a fire in the dwelling. And one day, somewhere in the fields, there was an eruption of a volcano and many houses were lit up. People in panic began to call firefighters and then you come, a professional fireman, who will save the residents and put out fires. [Spoiler] Take fire equipment, go to extinguishing fires and take a position. In this game the fireman does not move, as does the famous brightWater Buboy,but stands in one convenient position. Sometimes, it does not come out to put out the fire by direct hit and the poet needs to direct the stream of water into the barriers, so that the water bounces off from them and gets directly into the fire. Count the flight path of the water jet and watch the water indicator, as the fireman uses the tank and there is a limited amount of water for each level.[/spoiler]